Daylight Saving Time and Brazilian goodbye party

Another two weeks have gone by with lots of nice activities. Last weekend Daylight Saving Time (DST) started in Florida. As it hasn’t started yet in The Netherlands, there is only a 5 hour time difference until the end of the month. It is giving us nice long evenings with daylight until 8 pm. 

Two weeks ago we visited Naples on a Sunday. A nice city on the west coast of Florida with a more laid back atmosphere, fewer people and nice beaches looking out on the sunset. We experimented a little with the drone on the beach around sunset. Marinthe drove to Naples and Eline drove back. A nice relaxing day with our family👌.

Last weekend Eline and I participated in another 5 km run organized by Harrie’s store. Eline did really well (27.49 min) and I finished just above the 30 min (30.09). So I need another attempt to get under 30 min 😉. But above all we are proud of ourselves. 

Marinthe participated in two tournaments. In the last one she successfully reached the semi-finals with good matches. The matches are all against girls her age since there are lots of good tennisplayers around here in Florida. Last week she had a training hour with Crissy Evert who gave her some nice compliments. How cool is that 👍. 


Eline did her usual things at school. She took her SAT, a test all High School students take to get a rating for going to college. She ordered her promdress. Yes, going to Prom is a big thing in the US 😉 (it is on May 4th). At her school they had a walkout on March 14th to demonstrate against the gunlaws and to remember thr students that got killed a month ago. Very impressive also with the choir singing a beautiful song.

After three weeks of English classes in the new formula I have decided to quit. It takes too much of my time with too little result in the areas I want to improve. Too bad, because I like the group and the teacher very much. Today, on my last day, we have a party with all home made cakes (I bring an ‘appeltaart’) and a nice goodbye present for me. I will miss them 😥. After springbreak I am going to take a few private lessons (twice a week), so I will be around the Inlingua school for another 6 weeks. 

Toine was away a lot for business meetings. Last week a quick visit to San Francisco and this week in The Netherlands. Right now he is flying ‘home’ to Miami and tonight we will fly from Miami to Las Vegas for springbreak. He started traveling at 7 am this morning and continues traveling until 9 am Dutch time tomorrow morning. I wonder if he still likes flying so much 😉. 

For now, let’s enjoy our springbreak with a nice trip to the west of the US.