Refit SeaQuest part 2

So, we are now three weeks further and the refit of the SeaQuest finally seems to have started πŸ˜ƒ. How have the last three weeks gone?

The first week Toine is three days up and down to Tilburg and he takes our car and the new cooker back with him. There is a big storm in the Netherlands and a tree is blowing over from our garden towards the neighbours. Luckily our neighbour is a gardener, there is no significant damage and he cleans the tree in consultation with Toine immediately on πŸ‘. Toine also drives to Maastricht for an evening to hang a lamp at Marinthe and there he sees Eline as well. For me it are quiet days in Sweden with work and doing some shopping. On the boat everything has been neatly taped and the places where you have to cut are measured with tape. When Toine is back we hang the new cooker in there together. That looks great 😊. We give the old one to Carl.

On Saturday Carl started dismantling Marinthe's cabin. He is also helping to take out the Candy washing machine. He's taking it home to the Calanche. We eat delicious Thai in HenΓ₯n. There we go again to πŸ˜‰. On Sunday morning Toine is at work and I clean the anchor bin so that the fenders can put their new jacket in it. In the afternoon we drive to Lysekil via a piece of ferry and make a nice walk in the nature reserve north of Lysekil. It is nice and quiet. On the way back we take a nice piece of meat for the BBQ and fries for the oven πŸ˜‹. The girls have a super nice weekend with the NoDoubt on the Grevelingen πŸ‘πŸ‘.


The second week it is beautiful sunny weather and we can regularly sit outside on the terrace. Every evening we see the (almost) full moon rise ... a beautiful sight! Until the 21st of September it is still a little longer light here than in the Netherlands. Koen (from the Barbarossa) and his girlfriend Katharina come by. They are on their way back home from Norway. Super fun to spend two evenings with them. What a beautiful trip they made in the north of Norway to the North Cape and the Lofoten in Koen's self rebuilt Landrover. It is super cozy and relaxed with nice conversations.


On the boat the saw was put in the cabin of Marinthe. But they haven't been able to do much more yet. Carl and his team have decided that it is better for the SeaQuest to go into the hall. That works easier, is less walking with materials and they are independent of the weather. The rest of the week they prepare the SeaQuest to be taken out. Not so much progress so far but they promise to make speed once it is in the hall by working with three men. The aft cabin will be rebuilt by a carpenter at Hallberg Rassy who also makes the back huts of HR48's. We are very happy with that πŸ˜ƒ.


The third and last week we spend in the Netherlands. At first we only planned a weekend to pick up Toine's new car, take back the new AEG washing machine and be with the girls (Eline's wisdom tooth will be removed by a dental surgeon in the hospital on Friday afternoon). We make it a week if the new washing machine is delayed a few days. That's a good thing because two days after Toine picked up his new car it is suddenly called back because of a battery problem. That will take some time and he gets a new car for the coming weeks πŸ˜…. We also have more time to visit Toine's family (Harry and Joke) now that Joke is in the rehabilitation centre for a few days after a sudden hospitalization. Very nice that Marny and Willie can take care of Harry on a daily basis πŸ‘. And we have a nice dinner at the Calanche and immediately take the Candy washing machine with us. The AEG washer-dry combi is neatly delivered and is doing well! Working at home is going well of course, but there is little difference with Sweden because we are here with the two of us. The girls are in Maasstricht during the week and fortunately they enjoy themselves there πŸ‘πŸ‘.


The last weekend the girls are at home and on Saturday evening we have dinner at the Japanese restaurant in Utrecht with Thorold, Pieter and Eline and the boys. As always delicious food and very cozy.

Carl keeps us well informed this week by sending us app's with pictures. According to him it is now a war zone on the SeaQuest. We are very curious. See for the latest status SeaQuest refit list Sweden.

Today (Sunday) we drive back to Sweden. Nice and comfortable, with nice weather during the day and a ferry twice (Puttgarden - RΓΈdsy and HelsingΓΈr - Helsingborg). Again something different; the way back to the Netherlands we drove over the bridges (at MalmΓΈ and Odensee), in the dark and with quite some rain.

We are very curious to see what the SeaQuest looks like. We can only see it during the day tomorrow because we can only go there during their working hours. We will stay here in Sweden for the next 3-4 weeks and make further plans when we know better the planning of the refit. Nice to be here again 😊😊.