Ascension weekend with logistical challenges

We spend the Ascension weekend on the boat as much as possible, but with the necessary logistical challenges that require us to plan ahead. 😉. 

On Wednesday it's very busy on the road. Toine has to come from Amsterdam and Marinthe and I drive towards him in the direction of Zeeland. Eline is in Greece with Diede this week. Toine struggles through the traffic jams and parks his car in Barendrecht near the railway station. The three of us drive on to Bru and ask the Summertjes to hang the water hose in our water tank. We sail out of the harbour around 6.30 pm and can immediately enter the lock. On to the Veerse Meer to our favourite anchorage so that we can be in the harbour of Vlissingen around noon the next day. Then it's high tide and later in the afternoon we can't enter the harbour. On the way we eat ceasar salad from Hellofresh. The advantage of being away in the evening is that you are wonderfully alone in the locks. 

On Ascension Day we spend a nice day in Vlissingen. Always nice to be in the Michiel de Ruyter marina in the middle of the city. We take a walk and have a nice dinner with Jeske's tip in the Gevangentoren. 


On Friday morning Marinthe disembarks and goes home by train because she has to work for the weekend. The two of us make a nice sailing trip by sea to the north on the Nieuwe Waterweg to the Veerhaven in Rotterdam. Toine picks up the train to Barendrecht and drives home by car to pick up Eline and Diede from the Brussels airport at night. I spend a lovely evening and night alone on the boat. 

Saturday morning Toine comes back by train after taking Marinthe to tennis lessons. It's lovely sunny weather all day. We spend a quiet day in Rotterdam, Toine on the boat and I make a big bike ride through the city. In the evening we take the tram to the Kuip for Marco Borsato's concert. What a great experience! And very handy to do that by tram. 

Sunday we sail out of the harbour in time via the Oude Maas and the Spui to the Haringvliet. Now the bridge just turns 😉. Then we go through the two locks and down the Volkerak. And so we are back in Bru around 19.00. There are a lot of traffic jams all over the country, so we eat a ray wing with fries and salad at Bru 17. 

It's all going well but it's a nice filled weekend so the next few days in the Whitsun weekend we won't do much and we will stay on the Grevelingen.