February 2009

We are busy with the preparations of the trip. We still have to make some adjustments to the website, but it is starting to get pretty complete. More time is spent ordering all kinds of technical things for the boat. Toine spends many hours on the internet and has saved a lot of money. Just taking the effort to find out where something is for what price. In this way we were able to buy some things in England through the internet; very cheap with the current exchange rate of the pound.

Meanwhile the boxes fly in by post. In this way we have received the SSB radio, the WIFI antenna, a set of walky-talkies, solar panel, a diving set for yacht owners (for shallow dives under the boat), a GPS tracker (Spot) and an R2FX box (for retrieving weather satellite pictures). We've turned the spare room into a collection room for boat stuff. In the coming weeks we expect a spare autopilot, several chargers and LED navigation lights (which use much less power than the standard lights).

Together with other departure boats with children we have organized a meeting on March 14. Then the children can get to know each other and we as adults have time to exchange tips and routes with each other. We have also signed up for the departures day of the monthly magazine Zeilen on March 21.
In the meantime we have been confirmed in black and white by the school attendance officer that Eline and Marinthe can come along and receive education during the trip in cooperation with primary school De Sporckt. That is a nice feeling.

Good preparation is half the battle .... and is already a big part of the fun.