Winter maintenance

This winter we spend most of our time polishing the white polyester. 😉. Van Ast polishes the rest of the boat for us and paints the underwater hull.


In addition, Toine is making various improvements to the electricity circuit, such as:

  1. Fuse placed between shore power input and earth leakage switch.
  2. Enables us to handle 110 volts of shore power because it only charges the batteries and does not connect directly to the electricity circuit.
  3. Systemswitch reinstalled, which had broken down in Florida due to connection to 110 volts.
  4. Display walk-behind charger repaired.

We also clean the floor covering at home with a rented machine and we clean the spray hood thoroughly. 

In the engine room Toine makes the following improvements:

  1. Inverter of the alarm system moved.
  2. Water maker's pump installed more cleanly.

At the moment Henri is lacquering the card tables. The last job before we're ready to go in the water. It's planned for March 20th. It's already shooting at 😄.