Refit Sweden - new companionway 😎

We have a beautiful new companionway with a retractable door instead of the two separate hatches that you have to slide in and out each time. It took a lot of perseverance on Toine's part 😎!!! Hallberg Rassy was very reluctant to supply the materials as they were afraid that this conversion would not be possible in an existing boat and therefore would not be Rassy-worthy. They obviously want to keep their brand high and that is to their credit!
Thanks to Toine's belief in the solution and his tenacity, and Carl's support in this, Rassy eventually supplied the materials. That's good, because we want to keep the boat as original as possible.

It is a complex and challenging conversion because it is the first time this has been done on an existing Hallberg Rassy and there is no ready-made step-by-step plan on how to go about it. The step-by-step plan was made by Carl in coordination with Toine. Carl also has good connections with the specialists at Hallberg Rassy who give him tips. Thanks to the expertise and creativity of Carl and Anna and the pleasant cooperation during this entire process, it has really become a beautiful result. We are extremely happy with it 😊👌.

Below is a step-by-step explanation of the refit.


The new entrance is much more practical to use. You only need to give the door a push to open and close it. Also, the door is much sturdier than the old shutters and therefore better and easier to close. And it looks nicer, both inside and out. It was quite a 'delivery', but we are very happy with it 😊👌😊.