The first week in winter temperatures ☃️❄️

The first week we live on the boat we experience for Dutch standards severe winter conditions with a big layer of snow and temperatures between -3 C during the day and -10 C at night. We are happy with it, it is a good test for all our systems. Later on our trip we will surely experience these kind of conditions.

The by Toine installed heating works perfectly 😊😃. During the day we keep it at 20 C with the thermostat and at night at 15 C. During the day we gently turn on the hot air heater; then it's completely comfortably warm in the whole boat, including my workstation behind. To be honest, the boat is more comfortable to heat than our big house 😉 .


What we do suffer from is condensation on the windows and the aluminium edges. Those are real cold bridges. At night the dehumidifier will do the job, but the only thing that really helps is a double glazed construction with plexiglass windows, closed airtight and drying bags in between. We got that tip from the Novatrix earlier for the windows. Toine had foresighted last week in Tilburg and sawed plexiglass to size for the windows and bought provisional large blue rubbers. We clamped them in place the first day with drying bags in between. It works perfectly, just clear vision and no more condensation 👍. Smaller brown rubbers and larger reusable drying bags are still on order. We are going to make such a 'double glass' construction for the side windows as well, especially in the aft cabin where we sleep. Toine has already bought the plexiglass and the rubbers.


Working on the boat is going very well. Especially now that we have a real unlimited 4G subscription since last week. So that after the first 5 gig we don't have to keep adding a gig at a time through an app. What a pleasure that is 👌. What also works very well is the large screen at my workstation in the back. Toine has neatly mounted it on the wall. This is the same screen I use privately and then linked to the MacMini in the cabinet on the right. It can be switched with a button on the screen.


The delivery of the Hello Fresh box went well. With a note to the driver that he should not ring the bell at Knolhaven 37, as we do not live there. But he should call me on my 06 and put the box in front of the entrance door of the marina. It actually worked 😃.

Yess ... the application for a postal address at the Dordrecht municipality at the address of friends of us is approved for a period of two years. We are very happy with that 😃😃😃😃.


We spend quite some time emptying the house. Toine is there all day on Thursday when the kitchen is taken apart by a nice man. Saturday (yesterday) it takes us another full day. We pack the last boxes with kitchen stuff and drive twice with a full X5 to the storage. I use the washer and dryer all day so I can clean towels and bedding. Bart comes to get the last stuff for the dump and I vacuum clean the whole house. Meanwhile the nice 'kitchen' man and two neighbourhood boys load all the kitchen parts into a bus and drive back and forth to Purmerend twice. Fortunately, at the end of the day, they also help me drag the washing machine downstairs. It will be picked up next week.
Finally we put all the stuff for my sister (we are going there today) and the last things for the boat in the car. Quickly back to Dordrecht and with tired bodies we are home just in time for the curfew ☺️. But the house is empty and tidy. Next week we are going to relax with our family in a cottage in the Veluwe 😊👍.